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Electric limit

Our CEO Keith Hounsell spoke to BBC Channel Island news about the increase in usage of charge points and how that impacts the local electricity supply. As more of us switch to electric cars there will be a need for further investment in the network to cope with the demand. Guernsey Electricity Limited are continuing to work on upgrading the network. You can watch the interview now at:

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Plug-N-Go Partners with GIREVE

We are always looking for ways to make life easier for EV drivers, which is why we are happy to announce our recent partnership with GIREVE, who we are now roaming with. GIREVE is supporting the development of electric mobility by helping to build an open market for these sustainable services. This new partnership with GIREVE will make us more accessible to electric vehicle drivers and ensure that these drivers can easily locate our charging points and use their own mobility solutions to pay. Tim Revill, Chairman of Plug-N-Go commented – “Being connected to GIREVE is an important step for our company as we will have the opportunity to be located and accessible to most EV drivers in the UK. This connection will increase the rentability of our charging points and will participate in the global service improvement for all EV drivers.”   We currently have 72 charge points and with this new connection to GIREVE we will have exciting potential to further develop and place chargers in more locations across the UK. Find your nearest Plug-N-Go charge point with our app here.

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Plug-N-Go joins the Allstar network

In continuing efforts to provide its customers with the best charging experience, fast charge point provider Plug-N-Go joins the Allstar network. After a busy year of new partnerships, Plug-N-Go is excited to continue to form new relationships that will benefit its customers. Joining the Allstar Business Solutions network means that customers can now use the Allstar fuel card when charging their car, making it easier than ever to pay, charge and go. This new partnership with Allstar will also benefit fleet managers as they will now be able to pay for all fuel types on one card, streamlining purchase options even further. With partnerships such as Allstar, Plug-N-Go hopes to continue to make the transition to electric vehicles as easy as possible for businesses and individuals. In recent months, Plug-N-Go has also partnered with companies such as Plugsurfing, Zap-Map, Octojuice and Bonnet so as to bring fast, reliable and user-friendly charging to the UK, Guernsey and Gibraltar.

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Plug-N-Go and East of England Co-op charges ahead with new EV partnership

Furthering their sustainability efforts, East of England Co-op has formed a new partnership with Plug-N-Go so that customers visiting their stores can charge while they shop. Each location has  EV Charge Points where customers can charge their vehicle while making their essential shop. To make locating the charging points even easier, customers can find their closest site using the Plug-N-Go app, Zap-Map, Google maps or What 3 Words. With seven charging sites currently in operation and another 14 planned over the next year, this partnership will help many more areas in the East of England get access to charging sites for their Electric Vehicles, hopefully encouraging more people to make the change to electric.  The partnership between East of England Co-op and Plug-N-Go has already seen one site have a complete overhaul of new hardware, with other sites planned for similar upgrades. This means that not only will customers be able to charge their vehicles while they visit the independent retailer, but they can do so with updated equipment to ensure the best results. Plug-N-Go has recently also partnered with a number of roaming partners including Octopus Energy’s Octojuice, Plugsurfing, Bonnet and AllStar, to make access to EV charge units easier

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Plug-N-Go partners with Bonnet

We are delighted to announce that Plug-N-Go are partnering with Bonnet allowing users to pay through the app for their electric fuel and locate charge points. Bonnet’s catchy slogan is, ‘One app. One Payment and it is almost exactly that, with a wide infrastructure and easy payment options. By joining the Bonnet family, the Plug-N-Go network is now accessible for more EV drivers around the UK and Europe.   As the charging landscape continues to change, the existence of apps like Bonnet shows that drivers want to be able to access charge points through a range of ways such as, contactless, cards and apps. And at Plug-N-Go we want to ensure we are ready to help keep drivers charging in the developing EV infrastructure, making the Bonnet partnership so important.    Keith Hounsell, Founder & CEO of Plug-N-Go, said: “I am pleased that we have partnered with Bonnet, which will give their users greater scope of charge points being aligned with the Plug-N-Go network, and with the smartphone app that Bonnet offers an ideal subscription-based platform for all to use.” While Patrick Reich, CEO and Co-founder of Bonnet expressed:  “Plug-N-Go has been a pioneer in the field of interoperability for quite some

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How to Charge in A Covid Safe Way

Today you can never be too careful about Covid while living your day-to-day life. From visiting the supermarket to doing daily exercise, it is vital to be Covid secure. But how can we be Covid safe when we are charging our electric vehicles? Director Linda Greaves shares her knowledge with us.  When at the charge point, sanitise your hands with an anti-bacterial gel that is 60% or above in alcohol content. If you are carrying anything, you don’t want to pass it onto others while charging.  Pick up the charging cable and plug it into your vehicle.  Plug the other cable into the charging point, lifting the flap up with the cables end to reduce contact.   Using your Plug-N-Go key fob, you will be able to hover it over the charging station, allowing you to charge without touching any button.  When your vehicle has finished charging, take the cable out of your car and out of the charging station. Once this is done, please sanitise your hands once again.  Enjoy your journey.  If you have any questions relating to the safety of using a charge point please contact us at:  

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