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How to Charge in A Covid Safe Way

How to Charge in A Covid Safe Way

Today you can never be too careful about Covid while living your day-to-day life. From visiting the supermarket to doing daily exercise, it is vital to be Covid secure. But how can we be Covid safe when we are charging our electric vehicles? Director Linda Greaves shares her knowledge with us. 

    1. When at the charge point, sanitise your hands with an anti-bacterial gel that is 60% or above in alcohol content. If you are carrying anything, you don’t want to pass it onto others while charging. 
    2. Pick up the charging cable and plug it into your vehicle. 
    3. Plug the other cable into the charging point, lifting the flap up with the cables end to reduce contact.  
    4. Using your Plug-N-Go key fob, you will be able to hover it over the charging station, allowing you to charge without touching any button. 
    5. When your vehicle has finished charging, take the cable out of your car and out of the charging station. Once this is done, please sanitise your hands once again. 
    6. Enjoy your journey. 

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