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Workplace Electric Vehicle Charging Points

Provision of EV charging improves your business image with customers and employees alike. It adds the benefit of given early adopters with an EV peace of mind, knowing that when they arrive at the location they will be able to charge their vehicle and with our intelligent system.

We can reserve charge points, if you have a client travelling some distance, so they simply pull up and plug in; This means that they can return to the car knowing they will leave with a decent amount of power.

Why Workplace EV charging.

Make your workplace inclusive by introducing a workplace EV charger as an employee perk. With many businesses working towards becoming carbon neutral and sustainability supplying workplace EV charging will futureproof your brand and your corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Plug-N-Go workplace EV charging services are with you every step of the way; from concept to installation.

Managing your workplace charging

Managing your charging equipment is simple, our cloud-based back office systems allow you to configure your charging point remotely and collect extensive data from your chargepoint and its individual users.

Load Management

Our advanced load management system allows the safe charging of multiple charging units, without affecting the incoming power capacity.

Supports your ‘green’ credentials

Installing an EV charge point solution will help businesses reach their environmental targets by dramatically reducing their CO2 emissions, and the amount of carbon tax paid on those emissions, together with electricity used to charge EVs, and the associated CO2 generated.

This can be discounted from the total energy consumption when reporting carbon emissions. Interestingly, with the UK average electricity mix (coal, gas & renewables), plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles could save almost 90% of CO2 emissions compared to petrol/diesel alternatives.).


Its essential that your workplace charging station is maintained, so its safe, robust and fit for purpose. You can rely on us to ensure this quality throughout the life cycle with remote support, a 24/7 help line. We can also offer maintenance contracts to charging requirement installed by third parties.