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Plug-N-Go joins the Allstar network

Plug-N-Go joins the Allstar network

In continuing efforts to provide its customers with the best charging experience, fast charge point provider Plug-N-Go joins the Allstar network.

After a busy year of new partnerships, Plug-N-Go is excited to continue to form new relationships that will benefit its customers.

Joining the Allstar Business Solutions network means that customers can now use the Allstar fuel card when charging their car, making it easier than ever to pay, charge and go.

This new partnership with Allstar will also benefit fleet managers as they will now be able to pay for all fuel types on one card, streamlining purchase options even further.

With partnerships such as Allstar, Plug-N-Go hopes to continue to make the transition to electric vehicles as easy as possible for businesses and individuals.

In recent months, Plug-N-Go has also partnered with companies such as Plugsurfing, Zap-Map, Octojuice and Bonnet so as to bring fast, reliable and user-friendly charging to the UK, Guernsey and Gibraltar.