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Plug-N-Go and East of England Co-op charges ahead with new EV partnership

Plug-N-Go and East of England Co-op charges ahead with new EV partnership

Furthering their sustainability efforts, East of England Co-op has formed a new partnership with Plug-N-Go so that customers visiting their stores can charge while they shop.

Each location has  EV Charge Points where customers can charge their vehicle while making their essential shop. To make locating the charging points even easier, customers can find their closest site using the Plug-N-Go app, Zap-Map, Google maps or What 3 Words.

With seven charging sites currently in operation and another 14 planned over the next year, this partnership will help many more areas in the East of England get access to charging sites for their Electric Vehicles, hopefully encouraging more people to make the change to electric. 

The partnership between East of England Co-op and Plug-N-Go has already seen one site have a complete overhaul of new hardware, with other sites planned for similar upgrades. This means that not only will customers be able to charge their vehicles while they visit the independent retailer, but they can do so with updated equipment to ensure the best results.

Plug-N-Go has recently also partnered with a number of roaming partners including Octopus Energy’s Octojuice, Plugsurfing, Bonnet and AllStar, to make access to EV charge units easier for the public.

East of England Co-op Joint Chief Executive, Nick Denny, said:

“As a large independent retailer, at the heart of over 230 communities, we have both the opportunity and responsibility to ensure that future generations can live in a clean and sustainable environment. 

“Working in partnership with Plug-N-Go, we’re pleased to be extending access to EV charging points across our stores over the coming weeks and months. To further our commitment to this cause and in accordance with our sustainability approach, we have also committed to replacing our own vehicle leased car fleet to electric or hybrid models by 2025.”

Keith Hounsell, Founder and CEO of Plug-N-Go, says:

“I am thrilled that we can assist East of England Co-op, shoppers and visitors to the stores with a reliable charging service that will allow all parties to head towards their ‘Carbon Net Zero’ targets while giving flexibility through the Plug-N-Go network.”

Thanks to Plug-N-Go’s growing partner programme, it’s always easy to charge. The newest partnership with Bonnet, makes it easier than ever to pay for your charge at Plug-N-Go stations. Using the Bonnet app, you can pay for your charge and access accurate information on the availability of charge points. While the company’s existing roaming partners, Plugsurfing, Zap-Map, Octojuice & Allstar, as well as the Plug-N-Go app, means EV charging has never been so accessible.