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Always connected with Wireless Logic

Thanks to Wireless Logic, we are always connected. As Wireless Logic have written in their case study, they have provided us with an un-steered roaming solution using 4G cellular connectivity. This means that our Charge Points in more rural locations have a stronger, more reliable connection. Due to the increasing number of EV charge points in the UK and the EU in rural areas where fixed line is rarely available, we needed a cellular connectivity solution that connects through one SIM without working out which SIM to install in different locations.  This un-steered roaming solution has a Fixed Private IP. This means it is secure for two-way communication and makes it in line with Open Charge Point Protocol 1.6 and 2.0.  We have saved operational costs as we have not had to send maintenance engineers out to locations. We receive alerts on maintenance issues and data overage. Electric Vehicle users, especially those in the country need reassurance that their EV Charge Point is fully functioning.   Now we are partnering with a major supermarket chain to provide cellular connected EV Charge Points, allowing customers to charge their cars while they shop.   To find out more about our partnership you can read

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International EV charging company Plug-N-Go shortlisted for national award

Ending the year on a particularly high note, EV charging company Plug-N-Go have been shortlisted for the Company Award in the 15th British Renewable Energy Awards.   The British Renewable Energy Awards is the most prestigious event in the UK’s renewable energy industry calendar, making the shortlisting even more celebrated by the EV company.    The Company Award is for “the company that’s done the most in the past year to advance UK renewables and clean technology,” an accolade Plug-N-Go hopes to earn having used the year to push forward and encourage more people to make the switch to electric.  Throughout 2019, Plug-N-Go ensured every step they took would further the electric movement, whether that meant offering fully funded EV charge points for Local Authorities who could not afford EV charging infrastructure or simply raising awareness of electric vehicles and the positives they provide.  On being shortlisted, CEO of Plug-N-Go Keith Hounsell said: “We are thrilled to reach the finalist stage with this year’s REA Energy Awards. Our dedicated team and partners have accomplished so much through the challenges of this year and have enabled us to adapt and continue to develop new locations and to prepare, as best as we can,

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Get ahead of the game and be ready for 2030 with Plug-N-Go

With the news that Boris Johnson is planning to bring the ban of petrol and diesel car sales forward a decade to 2030, Plug-N-Go is excited to help businesses around the UK get ready for an electric future.   The decision to replace combustion engines with electric comes from the carbon dioxide and other pollutants released from the burning of petrol and diesel, which massively effects air pollution. This fight to reduce air pollution is the reason that Plug-N-Go is not only ready to help the UK get ready for a 2030 cut-off but is excited about the opportunity to help the UK reach net zero as quickly as possible.   Plug-N-Go is currently working with various partners to roll out new EV charging stations around the country. It is the hope of Plug-N-Go that an increase in charging stations will not only help current EV owners but encourage more people to make the switch to electric.  The news of the ban coming early gives businesses a fantastic opportunity to get ahead of the game by offering cleaner and greener options to their customers while supporting their “green” credentials.   With the installation of EV charging points in car parks, businesses can encourage

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Plug-N-Go continues to support customers while they shop for essentials

With the UK heading into a second lockdown, EV charging company Plug-N-Go announce that not only will their charging points continue to run throughout the lockdown, but they have a range of charge points located at essential retailer outlets allowing customers to charge while they make their essential trip to the supermarket.   With restrictions in place on journeys, EV charging points offer the chance for people to top up their car while they top up your cupboards, all in one trip to the supermarket. This combination will not only save people time but reduce the number of reasons they need to head out.   Whether in need of a quick top-up or a longer charge while they do their shop for the week, having access to EV charge points in supermarket carparks is ideal for shoppers.  CEO of Plug-N-Go, Keith Hounsell, said: “At a time where every trip out of the house counts, it’s great to be able to provide our customers with an opportunity to save time and make the most of their shopping trips.”  To find the closest supermarket with an EV charging point, download the Plug-N-Go app. 

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Following the successful launch of its Beta version in May 2020, Octopus Energy today announces a raft of new additions to its Electric Juice Network – LiFe Energy, Hubsta, Alfa Power and Plug-N-Go. The new additions to the network join launch partners and Osprey and take the total number of chargers to over 1,000 in the UK. In addition to rapid charging and inner-city coverage, the slew of new partners will add stronger presence in the North West, East of England and Guernsey to the already considerable Electric Juice Network. Drivers of electric vehicles (EVs) will now be able to pay with their Octopus Energy account across the participating charging networks, with all costs appearing on a single bill. As further networks are added to the roaming service, users of Electric Juice will soon be able to access many more charging stations nationwide. With this ‘one-stop-shop’, Octopus offers a solution to a long-standing problem of EV drivers, who have criticised that there’s no standardised way of paying as each network has a different card or app. The service is open to all drivers of electric cars so that everyone can benefit from this new and more convenient way of

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What Lewis Hamilton’s new Extreme E team means for the world of EVs

Although sales of electric vehicles are continuing to rise, they still comprise of only 4.9% of newly registered vehicles in the year-to-date. But will Lewis Hamilton’s Extreme E team change this? Billions are being invested in electric vehicles, but a considerable amount of UK buyers are still unsure of making the switch. Putting electric vehicles in the eye of the public through Lewis Hamilton’s team X44 is a fantastic opportunity for people to see a new side to the eco-friendly vehicles. On the team, Hamilton said in an interview with BBC Sport: “Every single one of us has the power to make a difference, and it means so much to me that I can use my love of racing, together with my love for our planet, to have a positive impact.” You can read the full article about the announcement here. The promoting of EVs through Extreme E is the drive we need to get electric vehicles at the forefront of people’s minds. Of course, just because people are thinking about them doesn’t mean they will take the next step and purchase one. There are still concerns in terms of cost and charging sites and that’s where we come in.

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