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New EV Charging Stations Operational in Guernsey

New EV Charging Stations Operational in Guernsey

Media Release

Date: 6th July 2020

Additional electric vehicle charging stations now operational and new guidance for home-charging produced

Two new publicly available electric vehicle (E.V.) charging stations at the Odeon car park and two new charging stations at La Crocq Pier are now operational.

The new charging stations complement two existing stations which have been operational at North Beach car park since 2018. The next phase of work will include installing charging stations at Salerie car park. All of the charging stations will be operated by using the same app as used at the North Beach which means that users will have a number of public locations from which they can charge their vehicles.

As usage of the stations increase, additional ones may be installed within the same areas.

New operational guidelines have also been made available for electric vehicle owners who may charge their vehicles from their own homes whilst parking on-street. The new guidelines have been produced with support from The States of Guernsey Disability Officer, the Health and Safety Executive and Plug–N-Go limited as the States’ E.V. Contractor for this project. The guidelines provide information on suitable products and advice to mitigate potential trip and visibility hazards when cables cross public footways whilst they are connected to a vehicle.

Deputy Barry Brehaut, President of the Committee for the Environment & Infrastructure, said:

‘The introduction of new charging stations is one of the key steps towards lower carbon transportation referenced within the States’ Energy Policy, which was approved by the States last week. These locations are in high density areas, convenient for people who may not have their own charging stations at their home or, in the case of La Crocq Pier, close to amenity and business parking areas.

‘The expansion of publicly available E.V. charging network will be of benefit to people who already have or, importantly, are considering changing to an electric vehicle. As such, whilst other public locations that may be suitable are being considered, we would again welcome hearing from the public if they have any suggested locations.’

More information, including the guidelines for on-street charging, can be found at