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How EV Charging Adds Value to Business

How EV Charging Adds Value to Business


One in 12 new vehicle buyers in the UK are choosing a plug-in electric vehicle; this rapidly expanding market is largely held back by a lack of infrastructure. Plug-N-Go aims to change that.

While most EV charging takes place at home, many owners do not have access to off street parking, or lack the capacity or budget to install a home charger. For these users, destination charging is essential. The average electric vehicle available in the UK charges to full in 4 hours at a destination charger. However, customers rarely need to charge to full – a meaningful charging event could be between 30 minutes and an hour. This makes retail destinations such as cinemas and shopping centres ideal for the installation of EV charging.


The network of charging stations currently available is widely regarded as being limited. This provides an opportunity for pioneer businesses to establish themselves as preferred brands among EV drivers. Installing charging points increases footfall by capturing range conscious EV driving customers from competition without charging infrastructure. Depending on the local public access charging, this could also attract customers who would otherwise have to pay expensive parking or plug-in fees at nearby car parks with EV charging.


As well as improving footfall, electrifying transport helps to reduce the 40,000 annual deaths in the UK from air pollution. For an increasingly environment-conscious customer base, this is an ideal incentive for your target market. Furthermore, as new climate change regulation comes into practice throughout the UK, EV charging infrastructure can safeguard against future tariffs and taxes.


As well as adding value for your customers, EV charge points can provide useful utility to your business’ fleet operations. An electrified fleet has many benefits, from higher ‘fuel’ efficiency to lower maintenance and charging costs. Smart charging capabilities can also make use of the cheapest charging times from the grid to save on electricity bills, or even generate revenue through vehicle to grid technology. The same benefits regarding regulations also apply to fleet electrification; zero emission vehicles mean zero road tax, and no carbon dioxide tariffs.


Many businesses see the installation of EV charging points as an expense. However, with a tailored solution from Plug-N-Go, they can become an investment. Our funded solutions are the most cost effective example of this; we pay for all installation costs, maintenance, support and overheads, and take out a 10 year lease on the parking spaces. Once installed, you receive a 10% commission on the resale of electricity, generating revenue for your business from zero capital cost.

However, in some cases where the resale of electricity is restricted, or leases cannot be granted, we can still offer a tailored project management package. We will see through the supply, installation and maintenance of the charge points from conception to delivery. Location partners then pay part or all of the installation costs, depending on the agreement, and can receive charging income as well as benefit from our extensive support package.


Whether opting for a funded or tailored solution, businesses can expect a risk free return on investment from the installation of EV charging points. When coupled with the benefits to footfall, public image and the environment, our solutions can add significant value.