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Encouraging EV Etiquette with NeedToCharge

Encouraging EV Etiquette with NeedToCharge

Making the switch to an electric vehicle doesn’t just mean swapping out your drivetrain – it’s also a lifestyle shift. Instead of regular trips to the petrol station, EV drivers mostly charge overnight at home.

However, for many drivers without off street parking, public charging infrastructure is needed to charge up at destinations they already visit, like supermarkets, leisure centres and public car parks.

Unfortunately, types of charge point and payment methods differ wildly from place to place in the UK, and the etiquette of charging your electric car can be difficult to navigate.

That’s why Chris Schofield developed the smartphone app ‘NeedToCharge’:

“NeedToCharge is the friendly way to share a public charger. Free and easy to use, it allows fellow EV drivers to safely and securely let you know they need to use the charger you’re plugged into.

Simply sign up to NeedToCharge online or via the app, print your personalised NeedToCharge disc and display it in your car. This lets fellow EV drivers know they can enter your registration number at needtocharge.com to tell you they need to use the charger you’re plugged into. They don’t need an account, and nobody needs to share any personal information.

NeedToCharge is designed to empower the EV community. When you receive a NeedToCharge notification, you have the option to communicate directly with your fellow EV driver. Let them know how long you’ll be and they can decide if they want to wait or drive on to another charger.

With NeedToCharge, you can plug in and leave your car, safe in the knowledge that if anyone needs to use the charger, they can easily and securely get in touch with you.”

Keith Hounsell, Founder & CEO of Plug-N-Go, said:

“We’re working with dealerships to encourage new EV drivers to get on board with NeedToCharge, as we’re at a critical phase; as the EV market moves out of early adoption, good charging etiquette will be key while the infrastructure in the UK catches up.

In order to drive people to make the switch, we want the EV community to be as supportive as possible, and Chris’ app enables that in a hassle-free way.”