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Driving connectivity with what3words

Driving connectivity with what3words

Electric vehicle drivers everywhere face a common problem – finding public charging when they need to top up. According to Zap-Map’s latest survey, 94% of drivers rely on public infrastructure to charge their EVs, using services like Zap-Map or Plugshare to locate and use charging stations.

Charge points are often designated with signage and clearly marked bays, at car parks for hotels, restaurants and other public facing businesses. However, when they’re not, it becomes a nightmare to find the units tucked into a dimly lit corner.

That’s why Plug-N-Go, a charge point operator for the UK, Channel Island and Gibraltar, uses what3words to pinpoint exactly where their charging stations are in a user-friendly manner.


Plug-N-Go charging stations at Millbay Docks, Plymouth
Plug-N-Go charging stations at Millbay Docks, Plymouth

Drivers can download the Plug-N-Go app, and find a 3 word address on the map when searching for a charge point. They can use this to find exactly where they need to park to charge their EV, using the app to start and pay for their charge.

Peter Brock is marketing & business development lead for Plug-N-Go:

“As a charge point operator, we need to think about the driver’s experience using our charging stations above all else. We spend a lot of time refining the process to make them as easy to use as possible, and a big part of that is actually finding the charge point. I’ve seen first hand what it’s like to drive round a car park in the rain, scanning for any indication of a charge point that’s supposedly there – using what3words removes that hassle completely.”

what3words is the new addressing system that has divided the world into 57 trillion 3m x 3m squares, giving each square a simplified address made up of three words. For example, the National Trust Powys Castle and Garden can be found at ///limits.pads.rust. It means anyone can talk about everywhere in the world – in just three words. It’s available in over 40 languages and is available for free on iOS and Android, and via the online map.

You can find out more about Plug-N-Go’s EV charging network by downloading the app on iOS and Android.