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Coronavirus, air pollution and why we need EVs

Coronavirus, air pollution and why we need EVs

Yesterday, BBC News published an article about the effect of the UK’s enforced lockdown on air pollution.

This drop in NO2 has been directly linked with the reduction of polluting ICE (internal combustion engine) cars on the road, and levels in some cities are down 60% from this time last year.

Many individuals and organisations are calling for a review of what ‘normal’ looks like when this is all over. Improving air quality is vital for public health, and protecting the natural environment. There are two main takeaways of how we can improve going forward.

The first is the cause of such drastic changes in air quality over these past few weeks; driving less. The prevalence of home-working tools and digital conferencing has woken businesses up to the possibilities arising from cutting out lengthy commutes or unnecessary travel. While driving is absolutely necessary for some industries, much of what we’ve been doing in an office out of habit could be done at home.

However, when driving is a necessity, zero emission vehicles can help negate the impact on local air pollution. Electric cars are quickly becoming a staple of the UK’s transport portfolio, as workplaces and fleet managers open their eyes to the possibilities of depot charging and huge cost savings on fuel.

The improvements we’re seeing at the moment, devastating as the circumstances may be, are a preview of what could be in 5-10 years – provided the support is there. EV charging needs to be widespread, accessible and affordable if the industry is going to accelerate as fast as it needs to, which is why Plug-N-Go’s mission is so vital.